Shut Up and Create! Be Inspired, Get Tools in March 21 Workshop (50% off until 3/1)

Shut Up and Create! students engage in a variety of fun exercises to help spark their creativity, while focused on steps to take toward their goals after the workshop.

This spring, it’s time to wake up and engage your creativity to write and publish, make a film, commit to painting or by starting your own business.

In my Shut Up and Create Workshops, dynamic groups of students came together for a day-long workshop that helped them identify and commit to actions they can take toward their own creative goals. It was a great mix of folks: poets, non-fiction writers, a gardener and landscaper, and a woman who wants to open a creative business involving cats!

As you see from the photos, we had a wonderful time, and the students left behind rave reviews (and tiny sculptures, collages, writings, and commitments to their goals and next steps). They even put their list of immediate goals in a bucket (get it? bucket list).

My next creativity workshop is on Saturday, March 21, 2020, from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the Jackson Free Press’ open learning space in Capital Towers in downtown Jackson. Read testimonials from the recent workshop (and my writing classes) here.

I believe all creativity tells a story, so storytelling will still be at the core, but you choose your medium for it. The workshop is super-interactive and fun. It will help you tap into and sustain the passion to tackle your dream; create space (physical and in your head) to commit to your craft; be daring enough to risk being mediocre so you can then be great; prime the pump; develop a creative rhythm; and link into a creative community to cheer you on.

The workshop segments include:

  1. Create the Passion.
  2. Brainstorm the Ideas.
  3. Plan Your Execution.
  4. Think Like An Artist.
  5. Get It Done.
  6. Find/Build Creative Clusters.

I am providing students materials and prompts for free writes and other inspiring exercises after you sign up, so you can immediately start exercises and guided brainstorming to help you decide what you want to “bring” to the workshop (whether a work-in-progress or an idea to knock around or just being ready to roll). At the last workshop, most of the students brought a piece to read or to share.

Many students brought writing to read to the group at the last Shut Up and Create! workshop.
Many students brought writing to read to the group at the last Shut Up and Create! workshop.

Class fee includes continental breakfast; lunch from Broad Street; snacks and drinks; a binder of materials and workshop supplies; a suggested writing/activity list and weekly emails of creativity suggestions (and writing tips)  leading up to the workshop to get you ready.

The non-refundable workshop fee is $250, all-inclusive, but I am offering 50 percent off through March 1. You can pay the $125 fee by check, cash or credit card. 

The fee is non-refundable, and remaining spots are limited.

Write me at for more information and to register for the class. You’re in as soon as your fee is in hand, and will get all the Shut Up and Create emails to date! All are welcome. Dress casually; come as you are, ready to be inspired to create. Let’s do this.

See you soon, I hope,


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