About W2C

This site, Writing to Change Your World, is meant as an ongoing dialogue to help you learn the art of narrative non-fiction writing, as taught by me, writer and editor Donna Ladd. That is, I want to help you learn to tell your own story, and that of others, in order to change your own world and the larger one around you.

I’ve taught extensively both at the college level and in workshops over the past decade in Jackson, Miss. Scores of new writers (or people coming back to writing later in life), as well as journalists wanting to improve their craft, have learned these techniques for telling compelling, reported stories with a narrative structure that makes them engaging and worthwhile to read.

Recently, I’ve had success teaching larger classes and distance learners; this site is meant to extend that reach so more people can take advantage of these thoughts, ideas and tools in their own writing.

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In any case, thanks for visiting and please feel free to let me know what you think.

Happy writing. Just start.