‘W2C 101’ Class Testimonials


Shut Up and Create! (All-day workshop, February 2019)

Thanks for having this workshop. This has already had an impactful push for me to write the shitty first draft of my thesis. I’ve met wonderful and supportive people today (including you). Evaluation: 5 Stars. Loved it!

— Mallory T.

I loved the class. I paused on writing because I went back to nurse anesthesia school. This class has helped bring me back to the passion I had to set aside. I would like to share more writings (old and new) on Basecamp to share for critics, uplifting, or whatever with like-minded members. Enjoyed the class; hope to be back again!

— Emma P.

Class was great, inspiring, encouraging, great advice for planning/time blocking for morning/creativity. Collage really directed my inspiration ideas after doing the time/age blocks and mind-mapping. I’ve never mind-mapped like that and need to do that more often.

— Unsigned

Thank you so much, Donna, for holding this class in the midst of everything.  It is a breath of fresh air, ideas are stirring, and I’ve got motivation to carve out time for ME and inspiration of writing material to dig into (self, family history, and some wider research).
— Laura H.

Excellent workshop, Good exercises and interaction that kept energy up for the day. Great food and snacks throughout! Perfect group size for the workshop. I have no suggestions on improvement! All the best!

— Unsigned

Had a big “Aha”! During class! Good group!

— Unsigned

The class was great!
— Allison J.

Total immersion for a day in creating, helped me to get out of my stuck spot, helped me to think about things in a different way.

— Unsigned

I enjoyed “Shut Up and Create.” Very useful content. A great jump starter. This will help me keep momentum on my collection project.

— Danny B.

Class was great, and so what I needed!
— Khadijah


Shut Up and Write! (Various classes)

I always enjoy taking your classes. I believe I have been in so many I could have an unofficial degree from you by now. Thanks for everything that you do.

— Terrence Johnson

Great class. I highly recommend it. Will help you become a better writer or give you the tools to become a writer.
— Bryan Flynn

I absolutely love Donna Ladd’s classes. Donna empowers you to find your individual voice in writing and challenges you to find your unique perspective through narrative non-fiction and other methods of writing. She encourages your inner writing diva and provides guidance and wisdom along the way. I consider Donna a mentor and a friend.
— Anita Modak-Truran

I have taken Donna Ladd’s classes 101 and 202 and could not be happier with the information I have received. Donna has motivated me to write more and taught me how to rewrite my work increasing the quality and readability. If you are interested in improving your writing style and learning about non-fiction writing, I strongly recommend Donna’s 101 class.
— Kenneth Pennington

When I started the classes I had nothing written down on paper. Donna has inspired me to write pages and pages and really enjoy it. It has gotten a lot easier to sit down and get the words from my brain through my fingers. She has taught me how to show my stories, not just tell them.
— Carolyn Grant

There is no better way to spend a Monday night…. than Shut up and Write. No mystery here: I think Donna’s Shut Up and Write series is one of Jackson’s best-kept secrets. Donna’s class has changed my life! Are you brave enough to change yours?
— Pat Bullock Williams

Donna Ladd’s 101 Writing Class gently guided my pen from my private journal pages to pages for others to read. The course is an amazing conglomeration of fun, instruction on technique, fun, candor, fun, emphasis on truth telling, fun, and FUN!

I cannot recommend Donna Ladd’s writing classes highly enough. She has a talent for helping without overwhelming. If one can get a space in Donna’s classes, it will be some of the best time one can spend.

— Jackie Warren Tatum

UPDATE from Jackie, who published her first book in late 2016:

It was in freelancing for you that I began; it was in your writing class, Donna, that I discovered the courage to understand that I was a writer.

— Jackie Warren Tatum

You changed mine! I am still writing. I am thankful every day for you.

— Emily P. Levin

I dare you to try and take just one. I’m going to need a 12-step program to get through my Donna withdrawals when 303 is over in a couple weeks.
— Kristen Phillips

Time stands still in each class! It’s hard to grasp having access to such an incredible education right here in Jackson, MS! This experience has totally inspired me!
— Candy Hagwood


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